Software Development & IT Solutions

Need custom software or applications tailor-made to your business, IT consulting or provision of IT solutions? MEIT's got you!

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With our team of professional software developers, MEIT embarks on software development as a service, providing our clients with robust systems that meet their business needs, built to meet their specific requirements. .

Web Dev

Web App Design & Development

The highly qualified software developers and graphics design team work hand-in-had to design and develop beautiful websites and web applications for our clients as per their requirements.


Custom Websites

Websites built to meet your specific needs and showcase what your business is all about to the world.


Full Web Applications

Applications living on the cloud to help you perform you organizational task more efficiently


Mobile App Design & Development

Mobile application design and development is a specialty our team delivers on with the top most quality, leaving our clients satisfied and trusting us for any other application development needs they may need.


Timely Delivery

We make sure to deliver projects on time while maintaining quality.


Continued Maintenance

All software needs maintenance until it is retired, and MEIT provides maintenance for the apps we build.

Our IT Service Provision

IT solutions

Integrated Tailor-made Software

With our bespoke software, the aim is to help you enhance your key operations while maintaining robust performance.

We've got you all the way:

  • Software design.
  • Software Development.
  • Deployment
  • User Training
  • Maintenance and help desk

Enterprise-Driven Custom Software Applications

We develop and customize enterprise-driven software providing e-solutions for enterprise organizations.

  • E-business (B2B).
  • E-commerce (B2C)
  • E-government (G2G, G2B and G2C)
  • E-Health solutions
  • e-Services and e-Processes

    Combining emerging technologies (like Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service, social Networks, Mobility and Big Data Management) to help organizations meet business strategy goals and benefit from the power of technology innovation.

    • Definition of the IT strategy, Infrastructure and Enterprise Architecture
    • Increased R&D capacity of business partners by staffing companies' project teams with highly qualified and experienced MEIT research engineers.

    Consultancy and Support

    All our e-Services are offered with MEIT Support to ensure your business exploits the benefits of our services fully. MEIT consultancy is readily available for consultation on any IT solutions, external or provided by MEIT.

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    Join our family of clients that trust us for the organizational software and IT needs.